20 February 2013

Motivation time #1


I just wanna to post one quote that I made by myself. Here it is :

26 January 2013

Transformation - Part 1

Assalammualaikum and greeting peeps!!!

Oh my Allah, It has been a week after my semester break began last week. I'm so boring indeed. So, I kinda plan something in order to make my day fulfill with excitements.

Here it is, my greatest plan during semester break :

1) Read a lots either books or articles in website    or blogs

Actually, banyak giler buku tak habis baca lagi. I'm not a worm book actually but I tried to be so as I believe the men who read alots means he/ she is knowledgeable.

2) tidy up my room.

Seriously, my room very selepah. A lots of things that I need to put them in appropriate place. Serious wei !!!!!..

3) Always read Al-Quran.

This is most vital for Muslim. Oh, I need study the whole contents in Al- Quran. So, I need to find tafsir.

4) SHOPPING for myself

Kesian diriku ni yang ketinggalan zaman especially cara pemakaian. He he he. :)

That's all. Fuh! penat pikir pasal plan ni. Haha

OK I hope I certainly can follow the plan. InsyaAllah!

23 January 2013

Alhamdulillah, finally it's over


Yipppe!!, I'm very happy as the barriers I had to face for 6 months was over. Thanks to Allah. But the scary moment is yet to be happened which is the result. Waaaaaa. That is the crucial part.

Being a degree student is extremely difficult. I have mentioned from my previous that " degree is far hard rather than diploma". It is super true when I put myself into real situation. The most
thing I had never forget was I failed for my test. OMG. Aku ni jarang fail test. I really disappointed to myself. At first, aku rasa aku tak dapat terima tapi I stand to my word, " Allah's plan is better rather than human plan". Means we must put 100% faith on him. Lama2 I can accept it.

Right now, I'm very scared about my result. I hope semua paper lulus and get dean list. Ameen!!!!!

20 September 2012

While others trying to hunt job experience, me, trying to.....

Assalammulaikum dear readers!!

After everyone read the title above, I bet you all will be said "Of course everybody wants to find job experience as it will be easy to you find the job in the future. Today, many company hired job-seekers who have experiences about 1 year or more or less" 

Ya ya ya, I know it's super true. But everyone has their own decision for life. A lot of my friends had been planned to work during long semester break after diploma, but not for me. Perhaps there has many reasons why they want to work such as bantu keluarga, cari pengalaman kerja dan nak cari duit sendiri. Like what I said, decision of life is determined by ourselves. Am I right?

Why I choose don't want to work during the period of semester break?. Because...... I guess it will better be a secret. Just me, oneself know that secret.

Source : Mr Google again

Till then

p/s : achieve your dream with full courage. Gambateh!!!. One thing you must remember in achieving your dream, always pray to Allah

08 August 2012

Degree life is coming

Assalammulaikum to who is reading this humble blog.
Look at my title, I bet you know what is that means? Ya!, I will be a degree student this upcoming September. Sangaaaaaat takut sebenarnya

As my perception saying that, degree is far hard rather than diploma. Am I right?
Masa diploma, boleh la ber'joli' sakan, boleh tidur sesuka hati, boleh main-main sikit
But not for degree, I think I must maximize my effort for this degree life. Dah tak boleh main-main macam diploma dulu. I must stay focus on my study 24/7. Hahaha!.Gila ape!, tak kan nak belajar 24/7 non-stop, boleh jadi gila macam tu. I'm not nerdy. :)

It's way wrong to study for 24 hours/ 7 days, it's not the way to achieve success. As a student, we must find our leisure time and occupy them by doing any activity that not related to study such as blogging, having a chit chat with friends (jangan mengumpat plak la kan, berdosa tau) and others activities that you can do. We must manage our time wisely, bahagikan masa belajar dengan masa rehat. Otak kita ni perlukan rehat jugak. Ingat lah, kita manusia bukan robot.

Ya!, memang betul kehidupan menjadi pelajar Ijazah ni bukan lah senang tapi jangan lah overdose sangat. Yang penting berusaha, tawakal dan redha. 

Plus,the most important things are must remember Allah, always pray to him and JANGAN LUPA SOLAT.

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah. I got pursued my degree in accountancy (the course that I want) at UiTM Segamat. Walaupun, Allah mentakdirkan aku masih sambung lagi pelajaran di Segamat lagi, aku terima dengan redha because I know what He is doing, it's the best. Allah's plan is a way better as He knows everything. I must put 100% trust and faith on Him.

Till then

p/s : Memang kita wajib mencari ilmu dunia, it's fardhu kifayah tetapi ilmu Islam jangan lah kita lupa, it's fardhu ain (lagi penting)

Source : Google

Source : Google

07 August 2012

It's super not easy


Ramadan is almost come to the end. Do you realize that?. Just leave 1 week, we will meet Syawal. I know everyone is extremely expecting Eid day. I also looking forward that too. Dah tinggal seminggu ni, semua orang mesti sibuk pasal kuih, baju raya, tukar langsir dan bla bla. Am I right?. But not to me. My family seems like don't acting excited about Eid day, just like before. I didn't said my family is boring or double boring. Inila gaya family aku, we are just average and moderate family.

Today, I'm not insist to talk about the plan before meeting Syawal, actually I want to talk about 'the changes to be a better person'. Previous post, I have had mention regarding the novels which knock my head and then realize me that this world is just temporary. Ya!, it is true, that kind of novels were helping me by giving me a spirit that I should turn to be a better. The truth is, niat nak berubah ni dah lama aku idamkan, sebelum aku habis diploma lagi tetapi asyik tertangguh disebabkan aku tidak yakin apa yang aku buat. Aku tahu aku berperasaan was-was dan itu adalah kerja syaitan. Dan juga perkara ni sebenarnya merupakan aktiviti yang aku akan buat semasa cuti 6 bulan. Alhamdulillah. Mula-mula tu, berjalan dengan lancar tetapi tidak semestinya it will be work smoothly, perangai lama mesti datang kembali. 

Memang amat susah untuk BERUBAH. Kadang-kadang, kita akan menjadi kita yang sebelumnya. Itu adalah kerja syaitan dan nafsu kita. Allah kan ada, asking for help from him, express your feeling to him as He is knows everything. We must believe the plan of Allah, apa yang berlaku mesti ada hikmahnya. Tapi, bila dah buat salah, jangan buat lagi. Mana ada manusia yang sempurna sedangkan Nabi pun pernah buat salah tapi mereka bertaubat selepas buat dosa. So, our prophet teach us best.

p/s : Right now, I have no idea how to seek forgiveness from my dad and brother. Ya Allah, please help me!