02 January 2009

My first blog in my life

heyylo my blog!!!
this is the first time ever i create the blog
you know what , when i have done created my blog i was thinking
what im gonna to do in this blog
so i think im gonna write my activity that im doing every single day and also i will doing something interesting in this my lovely blog

anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
this year i wish i would get more success than last year
2009 is the year that i will turn to be a college student
before that, i must succeed in my SPM examination (senior year's exam) and also i hope i will get a flying colour SPM result
after that, that result will be used to apply the university or college and i hope i will receive an offered letter from the local university or college

well, i guess that's all for now

ps : i want to thank to my bestfriend , quyah who teach me how to create the blog

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