13 March 2009

Alhamdulillah!!!..I got the SPM result as I wish

Hi gaijin!!!
Last morning, my body started shivering due of that my SPM result came out that morning even my hand became cold as a fridge
So, I took my decision I don't want think about that anymore...I watch my favourite TV shows, one and only MACAM-MACAM AZNIL...XD. About a few minute, Fara came over to my house to fetch me by motorcycle and we were went to school together. The distance my house to the school is not further, it just take a few minutes. After we arrived at school, we went straight to the hall and then we went to sit on the chair in front of teacher room...you know what I feel that time..I cannot describe what I feel...OMG..it's so horrible. At the same time,I met my friends and we were shake hand and we talked together about what we were doing after SPM. After one or two minutes, I saw my mother as a English teacher at PEI HWA SCHOOL came straight to me and she said to me "I have looked you result and your economics subject is very bad", I was shocked when my mum told me about that matter. After that I saw class teachers came to school hall and they were holding something at their hand. That things absolutely a paper of SPM result...you know what, my heart beating more faster....what was cross into my mind that time was how many A's I will get. Then, I went to the my class section (5A1), I saw my Chinese friends impatient to take their result, so I let them be first. When my turn was coming, I was shaking and afraid to take that result. Before I take the result paper, I must sign my signature on the piece of paper and the moment that I'm waiting for so long is coming..jeng3. My teacher gave my result with her big smile, during that time she said to me "Congratulations!!!!". My eyes started leaked and I was surprised that Allah make my pray became true.But when I looked at my economics subject, I was disappointed because I got C5 and I was wondering how come I got C5.In my TRIAL SPM, I got A2 in economics subject. I just forget it and said to myself whatever. I am very thankful to ALLAH. ALHAMDULILLAH!!!

okay gaijin that's all for now...I want to go to sleep...bye!!!

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