13 December 2009

My first sem was a disaster

Hi gaijin!!!
it's been such very long time i do not posting something on your wall..hehee
Now,i want to express what i'm feeling right..i'm feeling extremely totally sad, depress because my first semester's result

oh,i'm forget to tell a news about myself to you..actually,i was get offered from UiTM and Matriculation College of Negeri Sembilan to pursue my study..i was blank that time which i should choose to futher my study..to overcome my problem i did solat istikharah and lastly, i choose UiTM study offer to do Diploma In Accountancy

about my result,
i think my result was sucks, horrible and bad...waaaa!!!..D:..i got cried every single day, i'm definitely ashamed and scared to meet the people especially my cousins..they would ask me about result of mine..conclusion is my first sem's result totally make myself very depress,crying all the time and wanna died even i thought my life is meaningless..I'M VERY STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
furthermore,i also make my parents disappointed because my bad result..im feel sorry to my parents...T_T

ps:i realised that I'M TOTALLY STUPID,IDIOT,USELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!