30 December 2010

So many reasons

Recently, I received an offer to do fast track ( jump to degree without finishing diploma). It's totally hard to do the decision, seriously. I'm afraid that I'ill do wrong decision. To minimize my problem, I ask my cousins, best friends, friends and also my family members about this offer in order to get perceptions. All of them urge me to accept that offer and none of them ask me to decline it. Ya Allah!!. Ia memang mengkusutkan akal fikiran aku ni. aishhh.

Lets talk about this offer - I got pursue Bachelor Degree in accountancy in UiTM Melaka (Bandar Raya) and didn't get hostel. Because of this offer, I took very very long time to think about it. It's really frustrating me. arghh!!. I think I took more than 1 week to think deeply about this offer. It really frustrating me.

After I thought about this very very deeply, I had reached my decision that I choose Segamat!!. Before I made my decision, I did Solat Istikharah more than 1 time. Do you realise that?. It was extremely hard to me to make a decision. Uhh!. So many reasons why I choose Segamat :

1) Aku dah lama simpan niat nak pursue my degree in Shah Alam
(but I must achieve CGPA 3.5. OMG!!! :O )
2) I want searching for work using my diploma during degree's semester break
Insya Allah~
3) I'm not ready for degree while my diploma still not finished yet

That all my reasons. I do hope I'iil do better for sem 4 and get GPA 3.7. Amin!!. It is my du'a

ps : I won't let another people defeat me in the battle

15 December 2010

Singapore + Result Sem 3 = I feel FABULOUS


I was in Singapore on this date. To me, Singapore was a wonderful country as it's surrounding with beautiful building. If you see the building in Singapore at night, gosh!!, it's very beautiful. Each buildings in Singapore has their own unique design especially lights pattern existing on the building. It's extremely beautiful. I can't deny it.

My vacation in Singapore started like this, I was invited by my cousin, Kak Zarah went to Singapore with her brother's family (abg Acul and Kak Fara) and her talkative nephews. XD.Our first destination was Singapore Zoo. You know what!, that zoo was full of beautiful creatures and they're stunning even they made me shocked with the animals over there. Kak Fara had told us that Singapore Zoo was the best zoo in entire world. I can't deny it as the zoo was surrounding with adorable animals (most of them had weird name such as babirusa,I never heard that, it queer right!) and the zoo also create good habitat for animals. Lastly, we were so tired when we till the end as that zoo was extremely huge. During Night Safari, we traveled at the zoo with special transport (I forgot what its name,hahaha) which we can see the animals more closer rather than the first one . It was very excited and freak me out because many animals over there was released actually but not lion and tiger. I cannot forget that m
oment and I'm so happy!

Actually before we're going to Night Safari, we're bought some fabrics at Arab Street and also some souvenir at the shop that be place in front of Masjid Sultan Sulaiman (If I'm not mistake). I bought a lots of key-chain from that shop. It sold the things at very cheap price, so that's why I bought so many key chain. Then, we took a walk at Esplanade and we took some pictures over there. Its venue was so beautiful and charmed.

After we travelled each sections at Singapore Zoo, took a walk at Esplanade, and others kind of activities, I thibk this experience that I could not forget as this was the first time in my life, I had my holidays outside Malaysia. XD


I'm shivering in every single minute due to this day. You wanna know?.Alright I'ill tell you everything. This day was the day my result of Sem 3 came out. OMG!!,I'm really really scared. Ya!, everyone would scared when they were in the situation like my situation just now. Then, when I look up on my result. Ohhh!!, I was so relieved as I got the result as I wish. Alhamdulillah!. I'm totally thanks to Allah that He made my du'a came true. XD

ps: I hope I'ill get DL for my next sem examination. Insyaallah. And also I want
to win in battle. YEAH!

24 October 2010

Looking forward for my FUTURE!

Hi gaijin!!

Today my topic is the course that i will take during degree. Since today all banks in entire world want to apply Islamic bank in their system, I just wondering whether better I choose ISLAMIC BANKING or not. I have been thinking about this since my lecture told me and my classmates two or one month ago. It's really really haunt me and I have no idea which suitable course that I must choose whether continued studying in ACCOUNTANCY or switch another course, ISLAMIC BANKING.

Before I knew about this matter, I had set in my mind that I will choose ACCOUNTANCY during degree because I wanted to be an accountant so badly and that is my ambition since I was high school. But if I choose ISLAMIC BANKING also give me big advantages because there will many job vacancies in banks throughout Malaysia which they are searching the workers who graduate in ISLAMIC BANKING. So, I really need someone perceptions and decision on this matter. Please help me!!

10 September 2010

Majlis Infaq, Khatam Al-Quran dan Iftar DKZ 2010

Last week, my family community a.k.a DKZ stand for Dinasti Keluarga Zainon had organize Tadarus at JB. Alhamdulillah, Tadarus telah d'lakukan buat kali ke-7.It's such a great deed. Surprisingly, Tadarus was doing at Saujana for the first time. Previously, Tadarus was doing at my Atuk's house, Pak Itam's house and Mok Su's house. This council started at 5 o'clock on Saturday. So, my family headed to JB about 9 o'clock. We stop at the moment at RnR Machap and tak di'sangka2kan, we meet Mak Dak and Mok Dek families. Then, we went to JB together.

About 12.30 pm, we all already arrived at our accomodation, MSuite Hotel and we check-in. After we arrived at our room, my family took a rest for the moment. Even though, I'm not a driver but it was such a long journey and I get tired..dah lama x g JB.

At evening, next program is Infaq DKZ which mean DKZ did some donation this Ramadhan. Rumah Berkat is the chosen one, DKZ gave bubur lambuk and duit raya for Rumah Berkat's orphans. Then, we all together headed to Pak Ngah's house at Saujana. I thought the environment would be changed but it still same like long time ago.

After we already gathered, tadarus was began and I got surah At-Takaathur. During my turn, I got nervous and my hand shivered all the time but I think I did well. Then, there had tahlil for the closure. After tadarus, our next program was Tazkirah Ramadhan represented by Ustz. Md. Sanusi Bin Md. Noh.

Then, we were having our buka puasa. B'buka puasa dgn juadah kecil-kecilan dahulu like kurma, jemput2, kuih-muih, bubur dn air. After solat maghrib berjemaah, baru kteorg dpt makan nasi...hehehe. The foods were extremely delicious and varieties of dishes. I couldn't eat too much as my stomach already full with the foods during first buka. Then, we did Isyak and Tarawih congregational prayer. Tarawih nasib baik 8 rakaat, ak x sanggup buat 20 rakaat..hehehe..XD. During second dinner, Kak Juwita brought out her first son and characteristic of her son obviously like his father who is white...nahh!..it's not important. To me their son was extremely cute and chubby. You wanna know his name, his name was very long and weird. I'm not sure his long name but everyone call him Ridhwan. Unfortunately, I didn't took his picture..hermmm..so bad...:((..nevermind, I will take pictures of him from my cousin.

Lastly, everyone decided went back to the hotel because we had to stay up before 3.30 am for Qiamulail...Alhamdulillah, I managed to wake up though me and my mum was late for qiamulail. My brothers were such sleepy head as they were still not awaken when I asked them to wake up many times. Okay fined!!, I'm give up. So, I told my mother just go, jgn tunggu diorg..huh!

After Qiamullail, Pak Usu give talk about Tranformasi DKZ. I think this talk was concerning how to tranform DKZ to the standard level. The input that I got from this talk was we must changed ourselves attitude in a way to tranform DKZ. We should be a knowledgable person, have good values in ourselves and also be a good readers...kene jadi ulat buku lah ni. If we have all these attitudes, I think DKZ can reached to standard level. Insyallah!!!
That's all from now a
bout DKZ's big event. I hope this program can do repeatedly after this. Amin!!

p/s : ade gambar!!

Pok Su give his talk on Transformasi DKZ

Click once for each pics -> to look more close

08 September 2010

I wanna cry!!!

Hi gaijin!!!

Actually, i'm very tired right now because my mind is hunt so many problems that makes me wanna cry when i'm thinking the problems. As I said long time ago that you the best place for me to express my whole life problems

Firstly, being part 3 student was frustated, this sem i'm studying law. LAW IS FOOLISH AND SUCKS. I always got headache because of it as I have to memorize every single words in the book of law, there are thousands of sections and cases that I must remember. Especially during the test, if I forgot one of section and case, it make me stuck...YA ALLAH, tolong lah hamba-MU ni...I'm so scared about law and mgt. These two subject i think will give bad impact on my result this sem. ZA!!!, stop thinking that, don't be despair, you must belief ALLAH always be beside you , watching you, heard you pray. ZA!!, if you want dream become true,you must be tough person and put 1000% effort on your study. kne bersangka baik pada ALLAH, ALLAH dah rancang hidup kite. One day, ALLAH pasti bagi kite kebahagiaan klau we follow HIS guidances..INSYAALLAH...INGAT KATA2 KAK EMA ZA!!!

Secondly, I have problems to find the true friends yg ikhlas berkwn, x menghina kwn die sendiri, yg tau ape erti persahabatan. Until now, I still didn't find the friends like that. It's extremely hard. Ade kwn pun yg suka kecikkan hati kwn die sendiri, mulut kwn asyik lps je xde tapisan. Even though I forgive them but I don't want too friendly with them anymore as I'm afraid that they will do the same what they did to me lately..hermmm..I miss school's friends. QUYA and FARA, my bestfriends during high school, they are my true friends. Diorg suka buat ak bahagia dgn cara 'BULI' ak, buat ak ketawa, senyum..I miss that moment..If I gathered with my SKA's friends, diorg lg buat ak ketawa t'bahak2..hermmmm...D:

Gaijin! thanks for listening to my problems eventhough you are not alive

ps: I hope ALLAH make my pray becomes true for this sem...AMIN!!!

26 July 2010

A lovely message

Hi gaijin!!

Today I just want to post one message that I got from my senior 2 days ago. That message totally make me think about the past and accept with grateful whatever happened to you. Maybe something that happened to you give you a great fortune.

That message sound like this :

Hidup dalam dunia ini wajib besyukur

Bersyukur kepada orang yang menyakiti kamu kerana dialah orang yang menabahkan kamu

Bersyukur kepada orang yang menipu kamu kerana dialah yang meningkatkan pengetahuan kamu

Bersyukur kepada orang yang tidak mengedahkan kamu kerana dialah yang memupuk kamu berdikari

Bersyukur kepada orang yang menjatuhkan kamu kerana dialah yang memperhebatkan abiliti kamu

Bersyukur kepada orang yang menyeksa kamu kerana dialah yang menguji kesabaran kamu

Bersyukur kepada orang yang dengan segala ujian dariNYA, kerana semuanya meningkatkan iman kamu

Moga redha Allah sentiasa bersama mu

ps: very thankful to Kak Emma -> she is the person who sent me this message


19 July 2010

The first week story being Part 3 student

Hi gaijin!!!

Today is Sunday and the first week being Part 3 student already finish. I really love this week as I have a lots of leisure time like home but it's not gonna to long because next week I think I will get new assignments. This week actually I had already got just one assignment and I'm not finish it yet. How I'm gonna to finish assignment if I don't have textbook. The textbook at he bookstore already finish, I don't like this happened. I can't live without reference books if I do have assignments because the notes that given by lecturer are not enough and detail as much as textbook..ARGHHH!!!! >:(( . That is the real live as a university student known as MAHASISWI.

Klau dulu kat skolah menengah, buku teks cikgu yg uruskan tp kt u kene buat sendiri
Mcm nak jd balik jd pelajar skolah
I really miss my memory at Pei Hwa High School, it's AWESOME!!!

When I think back I must be matured and cannot depend anyone else anymore. I will advise my self YOU MUST BE MATURED ZA!!!

ps: I suddenly homesick but I already speak to myself that I don't want to go home frequently like during Part 1 and Part 2. AKU DAH INSAF!!

02 July 2010

Segamat, Here I Come!!

Hi gaijin!!

My last day in my own home gonna be end by tomorrow because tomorrow is the day I'm coming back to UiTM Segamat, the place where I'm studying. Actually, I don't want go back as I cannot do my favourite routine anymore especially watching TV, I'm totally sad waaaa!!! T__T. But I cannot stay at home any longer due to my studying still in progress and not graduate yet. Something that pop up in my mind right now, what's will happened with during semester 3 :

1) Is it I will get more assignments rather than during semester 2...I don't want
this happened

2) Get fussy lecturer...OMG!!

3) Must stayed early to settle the assesments

I hope all these thought must stay away from me, I don't want this happened to me. Ya Allah tolong la hamba-Mu ini meghadapi ujian-Mu di semester 3

ps : good night gaijin, I want to continue packaging my stuff tobring to UiTM, it still not finish yet XD

17 May 2010

My second sem was quite good . I think so

Hi gaijin!!
My result was came out 2 days ago and unfortunately i didnt got the result as i wish.
It hard to accept the fate but i must thankful to ALLAH whatever happened.
Ya Allah, aku bersyukur pada Mu walaupun impianku musnah . Apa yang terjadi aku akan jadikan pedoman dan aku akan bersambung berdoa dan buat solat hajat
ps: I cannot give up!!!..go go AZA!!

04 May 2010

Life Unexpected

Oh!! I feel so bad with my first and second sem results, I did not get the result as I wish. It was fate so I should grate thankful to Allah whatever it is. Maybe whatever happened behind this matter, it will give me good advantages or want to teach me a lesson. A lots lessons that I get from this experience :

*b'syukur ape yg t'jadi whether it's a bad or good fortune

*do not be a arrogant person

*do no think you are too clever

*I must teach myself to stand on my own

*Be hyperactive person...you too quiet in class, aza!!

*The main thing ->
INGAT ALLAH...ALLAH yg m'gatur perjalanan hidup kite sbb ALLAH tu

Fortunately, diploma program consist six semester, that is mean I have chance to mend my pointer

My dreams in this diploma program is I want to graduate at first class,so I do not need pay my PTPTN loan and get good pointer. After that I will pursue my study at degree level for 2 years and a half. Then I planned to take ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). ACCA is the examination that is a vital step in getting the career in accountancy that you aim in other word if you want to be a real accountant , you must have ACCA. I hope I managed to pass ACCA and achieve my ambition to be an ACCOUNTANT...AMIN!!!

ps: life is unexpected..I believed I can achieved my goals if I put more afford on my study...but
belajar-belajar jugak tapi jangan lupa ALLAH YANG MAHA BERKUASA