04 May 2010

Life Unexpected

Oh!! I feel so bad with my first and second sem results, I did not get the result as I wish. It was fate so I should grate thankful to Allah whatever it is. Maybe whatever happened behind this matter, it will give me good advantages or want to teach me a lesson. A lots lessons that I get from this experience :

*b'syukur ape yg t'jadi whether it's a bad or good fortune

*do not be a arrogant person

*do no think you are too clever

*I must teach myself to stand on my own

*Be hyperactive person...you too quiet in class, aza!!

*The main thing ->
INGAT ALLAH...ALLAH yg m'gatur perjalanan hidup kite sbb ALLAH tu

Fortunately, diploma program consist six semester, that is mean I have chance to mend my pointer

My dreams in this diploma program is I want to graduate at first class,so I do not need pay my PTPTN loan and get good pointer. After that I will pursue my study at degree level for 2 years and a half. Then I planned to take ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). ACCA is the examination that is a vital step in getting the career in accountancy that you aim in other word if you want to be a real accountant , you must have ACCA. I hope I managed to pass ACCA and achieve my ambition to be an ACCOUNTANT...AMIN!!!

ps: life is unexpected..I believed I can achieved my goals if I put more afford on my study...but
belajar-belajar jugak tapi jangan lupa ALLAH YANG MAHA BERKUASA

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