26 July 2010

A lovely message

Hi gaijin!!

Today I just want to post one message that I got from my senior 2 days ago. That message totally make me think about the past and accept with grateful whatever happened to you. Maybe something that happened to you give you a great fortune.

That message sound like this :

Hidup dalam dunia ini wajib besyukur

Bersyukur kepada orang yang menyakiti kamu kerana dialah orang yang menabahkan kamu

Bersyukur kepada orang yang menipu kamu kerana dialah yang meningkatkan pengetahuan kamu

Bersyukur kepada orang yang tidak mengedahkan kamu kerana dialah yang memupuk kamu berdikari

Bersyukur kepada orang yang menjatuhkan kamu kerana dialah yang memperhebatkan abiliti kamu

Bersyukur kepada orang yang menyeksa kamu kerana dialah yang menguji kesabaran kamu

Bersyukur kepada orang yang dengan segala ujian dariNYA, kerana semuanya meningkatkan iman kamu

Moga redha Allah sentiasa bersama mu

ps: very thankful to Kak Emma -> she is the person who sent me this message


19 July 2010

The first week story being Part 3 student

Hi gaijin!!!

Today is Sunday and the first week being Part 3 student already finish. I really love this week as I have a lots of leisure time like home but it's not gonna to long because next week I think I will get new assignments. This week actually I had already got just one assignment and I'm not finish it yet. How I'm gonna to finish assignment if I don't have textbook. The textbook at he bookstore already finish, I don't like this happened. I can't live without reference books if I do have assignments because the notes that given by lecturer are not enough and detail as much as textbook..ARGHHH!!!! >:(( . That is the real live as a university student known as MAHASISWI.

Klau dulu kat skolah menengah, buku teks cikgu yg uruskan tp kt u kene buat sendiri
Mcm nak jd balik jd pelajar skolah
I really miss my memory at Pei Hwa High School, it's AWESOME!!!

When I think back I must be matured and cannot depend anyone else anymore. I will advise my self YOU MUST BE MATURED ZA!!!

ps: I suddenly homesick but I already speak to myself that I don't want to go home frequently like during Part 1 and Part 2. AKU DAH INSAF!!

02 July 2010

Segamat, Here I Come!!

Hi gaijin!!

My last day in my own home gonna be end by tomorrow because tomorrow is the day I'm coming back to UiTM Segamat, the place where I'm studying. Actually, I don't want go back as I cannot do my favourite routine anymore especially watching TV, I'm totally sad waaaa!!! T__T. But I cannot stay at home any longer due to my studying still in progress and not graduate yet. Something that pop up in my mind right now, what's will happened with during semester 3 :

1) Is it I will get more assignments rather than during semester 2...I don't want
this happened

2) Get fussy lecturer...OMG!!

3) Must stayed early to settle the assesments

I hope all these thought must stay away from me, I don't want this happened to me. Ya Allah tolong la hamba-Mu ini meghadapi ujian-Mu di semester 3

ps : good night gaijin, I want to continue packaging my stuff tobring to UiTM, it still not finish yet XD