19 July 2010

The first week story being Part 3 student

Hi gaijin!!!

Today is Sunday and the first week being Part 3 student already finish. I really love this week as I have a lots of leisure time like home but it's not gonna to long because next week I think I will get new assignments. This week actually I had already got just one assignment and I'm not finish it yet. How I'm gonna to finish assignment if I don't have textbook. The textbook at he bookstore already finish, I don't like this happened. I can't live without reference books if I do have assignments because the notes that given by lecturer are not enough and detail as much as textbook..ARGHHH!!!! >:(( . That is the real live as a university student known as MAHASISWI.

Klau dulu kat skolah menengah, buku teks cikgu yg uruskan tp kt u kene buat sendiri
Mcm nak jd balik jd pelajar skolah
I really miss my memory at Pei Hwa High School, it's AWESOME!!!

When I think back I must be matured and cannot depend anyone else anymore. I will advise my self YOU MUST BE MATURED ZA!!!

ps: I suddenly homesick but I already speak to myself that I don't want to go home frequently like during Part 1 and Part 2. AKU DAH INSAF!!

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