02 July 2010

Segamat, Here I Come!!

Hi gaijin!!

My last day in my own home gonna be end by tomorrow because tomorrow is the day I'm coming back to UiTM Segamat, the place where I'm studying. Actually, I don't want go back as I cannot do my favourite routine anymore especially watching TV, I'm totally sad waaaa!!! T__T. But I cannot stay at home any longer due to my studying still in progress and not graduate yet. Something that pop up in my mind right now, what's will happened with during semester 3 :

1) Is it I will get more assignments rather than during semester 2...I don't want
this happened

2) Get fussy lecturer...OMG!!

3) Must stayed early to settle the assesments

I hope all these thought must stay away from me, I don't want this happened to me. Ya Allah tolong la hamba-Mu ini meghadapi ujian-Mu di semester 3

ps : good night gaijin, I want to continue packaging my stuff tobring to UiTM, it still not finish yet XD

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