08 September 2010

I wanna cry!!!

Hi gaijin!!!

Actually, i'm very tired right now because my mind is hunt so many problems that makes me wanna cry when i'm thinking the problems. As I said long time ago that you the best place for me to express my whole life problems

Firstly, being part 3 student was frustated, this sem i'm studying law. LAW IS FOOLISH AND SUCKS. I always got headache because of it as I have to memorize every single words in the book of law, there are thousands of sections and cases that I must remember. Especially during the test, if I forgot one of section and case, it make me stuck...YA ALLAH, tolong lah hamba-MU ni...I'm so scared about law and mgt. These two subject i think will give bad impact on my result this sem. ZA!!!, stop thinking that, don't be despair, you must belief ALLAH always be beside you , watching you, heard you pray. ZA!!, if you want dream become true,you must be tough person and put 1000% effort on your study. kne bersangka baik pada ALLAH, ALLAH dah rancang hidup kite. One day, ALLAH pasti bagi kite kebahagiaan klau we follow HIS guidances..INSYAALLAH...INGAT KATA2 KAK EMA ZA!!!

Secondly, I have problems to find the true friends yg ikhlas berkwn, x menghina kwn die sendiri, yg tau ape erti persahabatan. Until now, I still didn't find the friends like that. It's extremely hard. Ade kwn pun yg suka kecikkan hati kwn die sendiri, mulut kwn asyik lps je xde tapisan. Even though I forgive them but I don't want too friendly with them anymore as I'm afraid that they will do the same what they did to me lately..hermmm..I miss school's friends. QUYA and FARA, my bestfriends during high school, they are my true friends. Diorg suka buat ak bahagia dgn cara 'BULI' ak, buat ak ketawa, senyum..I miss that moment..If I gathered with my SKA's friends, diorg lg buat ak ketawa t'bahak2..hermmmm...D:

Gaijin! thanks for listening to my problems eventhough you are not alive

ps: I hope ALLAH make my pray becomes true for this sem...AMIN!!!

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