24 October 2010

Looking forward for my FUTURE!

Hi gaijin!!

Today my topic is the course that i will take during degree. Since today all banks in entire world want to apply Islamic bank in their system, I just wondering whether better I choose ISLAMIC BANKING or not. I have been thinking about this since my lecture told me and my classmates two or one month ago. It's really really haunt me and I have no idea which suitable course that I must choose whether continued studying in ACCOUNTANCY or switch another course, ISLAMIC BANKING.

Before I knew about this matter, I had set in my mind that I will choose ACCOUNTANCY during degree because I wanted to be an accountant so badly and that is my ambition since I was high school. But if I choose ISLAMIC BANKING also give me big advantages because there will many job vacancies in banks throughout Malaysia which they are searching the workers who graduate in ISLAMIC BANKING. So, I really need someone perceptions and decision on this matter. Please help me!!

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