15 December 2010

Singapore + Result Sem 3 = I feel FABULOUS


I was in Singapore on this date. To me, Singapore was a wonderful country as it's surrounding with beautiful building. If you see the building in Singapore at night, gosh!!, it's very beautiful. Each buildings in Singapore has their own unique design especially lights pattern existing on the building. It's extremely beautiful. I can't deny it.

My vacation in Singapore started like this, I was invited by my cousin, Kak Zarah went to Singapore with her brother's family (abg Acul and Kak Fara) and her talkative nephews. XD.Our first destination was Singapore Zoo. You know what!, that zoo was full of beautiful creatures and they're stunning even they made me shocked with the animals over there. Kak Fara had told us that Singapore Zoo was the best zoo in entire world. I can't deny it as the zoo was surrounding with adorable animals (most of them had weird name such as babirusa,I never heard that, it queer right!) and the zoo also create good habitat for animals. Lastly, we were so tired when we till the end as that zoo was extremely huge. During Night Safari, we traveled at the zoo with special transport (I forgot what its name,hahaha) which we can see the animals more closer rather than the first one . It was very excited and freak me out because many animals over there was released actually but not lion and tiger. I cannot forget that m
oment and I'm so happy!

Actually before we're going to Night Safari, we're bought some fabrics at Arab Street and also some souvenir at the shop that be place in front of Masjid Sultan Sulaiman (If I'm not mistake). I bought a lots of key-chain from that shop. It sold the things at very cheap price, so that's why I bought so many key chain. Then, we took a walk at Esplanade and we took some pictures over there. Its venue was so beautiful and charmed.

After we travelled each sections at Singapore Zoo, took a walk at Esplanade, and others kind of activities, I thibk this experience that I could not forget as this was the first time in my life, I had my holidays outside Malaysia. XD


I'm shivering in every single minute due to this day. You wanna know?.Alright I'ill tell you everything. This day was the day my result of Sem 3 came out. OMG!!,I'm really really scared. Ya!, everyone would scared when they were in the situation like my situation just now. Then, when I look up on my result. Ohhh!!, I was so relieved as I got the result as I wish. Alhamdulillah!. I'm totally thanks to Allah that He made my du'a came true. XD

ps: I hope I'ill get DL for my next sem examination. Insyaallah. And also I want
to win in battle. YEAH!

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