10 May 2011


Hi gaijin!

Today, I want to talk about test!!.

Please don't say word TEST so many times. It is totally freak me out. Why?. Because of test, I cannot sleep well. Because of test, I lost my appetite. Because of test, my room was messed up due to a lots paper scattered in my room. In other word, test make my life totally terrible. Ini baru test, final exam lagi dasyat

Test make my life harder

When I thougth deeply, study in university level is very tired and quiet hard. Ini baru diploma,belum lagi degree. There were times I thought to quit, I don't know what this thought was pop up in my mind. (sigh). I know gaijin, you will say ' Are you insane', ' Are you crazy'. Bak kata orang, life must go on.

The point in my words is last weekend I have 3 tests continous and non- stop. What I means is last Saturday, I have 2 tests, FAR 250- in the morning and MAF 280-in the evening. The next morning which was Sunday morning also had the test - AIS 280. argh!!. Those tests really really give me a big impact - penat, pening kepala. But Alhamdulillah, I get answer all the quetions. The grade that I will get will be determined by Allah. I would will accept what grade I deserved get.

Actually, the old TEST 1 schedule for accounting student was not like this. I mean the real one was I might had 3 tests on Saturday. Can you imagine that!. Totally put me in tense. I know it is a common test but please don't be like this. Kitaorang bukan robot. But Alhamdulillah, it was never happened. Maybe Shah Alam has feeling of symphaty to us.

Last night, I also another test which is the last one for TEST 1. It was ECO211 (macroeconomics). I have no idea what the nature of its question. It is an average and macam biasa, aku boleh buat. Alhamdulillah

All the TEST 1 already finished but I must get ready for TEST 2 on the next month and also for my assignments especially BEL 312. I love it!!(suka la sangat). hahaha. I got to go as I have homework I must done before esok pagi

p/s: This week, I'm back to my hometown. yay!! XD

Flying with A+ for this sem (at least one)