27 June 2012

Just read

Assalammulaikum to all my readers (na!!, berangan sakan blog ada orang baca)

Wahai blog, dah lama tak jenguk kamu. Sorry!

Ya!, I realized it's has been very a long time I didn't update anything in my lovely blog. I think about more than 1 year, I guess. Well, I have been busy struggling in a way to finish my diploma and since I had finishing my diploma around two months ago, so MAYBE I have leisure time to update my blog after this. I ulang what I'm said, MAYBE, no promises ok.

As you can see, I had deleted some my previous posts as I think I wanna create something new, special and extremely difference to my blog. (ceh, berangan kali kedua)

Ok I'm going straight to the point!

The point is I want to change the way I'm writting in this blog. Before this, I'm just updated my blog by telling what I'm doing today and my feelings without inserting something beneficial or good exemplary to the readers. So, I want to write something that give good influence to the readers. I hope this changes also give me some benefits too. InsyaAllah!

Jeng Jeng Jeng!!!

Apakah akan yang akan jadi lepas ni?

Sit properly then wait after that read my blog. Selalunya tulis macam ni, Just wait and see. Itu nama nya kelainan. See, I've already achieved one of my goal (new, special and extremely difference). Hahaha!!!. Opsss, anak dara kena sopan sikit ketawa. Ketawa perlahan sikit.
P/S : Bagus ape berangan because we are thinking our dreams and goals. The important thing's jangan fikir negatif, we must thinking positively. And JANGAN LUPA CATAT IMPIAN KITA KAT KERTAS ATAU KAT MANA MANA. Orang yang selalu fikir positif mesti selalu berjaya. InsyaAllah

Till then

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