19 July 2012

Ramadhan is just around the corner


Syabaan is nearly come to the ends and Ramadhan will come over next. I'm very excited expecting the attendance of Ramadhan. Why?

Because this is my oppurtunity to give my maximum limit of effort in order to earn pahala during Ramadan lagi mulia ini. I wish so as I intends to vanish all my sins from my previous life, InsyaAllah and I want to increase up my 'amalan' and 'pahala' to the level which I can reached. Amin!.

And I hope that the good deed that I do for upcoming Ramadhan will be continuos untuk bulan-bulan Islam yang lain. InsyaAllah. Tidak semestinya, bila datang bulan Ramadhan, we're get ready to do ibadah, bulan-bulan Islam lain pun boleh buat. Kebanyakkan orang Islam kat Malaysia ni buat macam tu. It's not necessary when Ramadhan coming, you 're technically intends to give sedekah for the less-fortunate person, starts doing solat sunat and others ibadah. But otherwise, it's still good unless you want to do a practice and intends doing that such of ibadah for bulan-bulan Islam lain.

And also I'm determined to wake up for special night which known as Lailatul Qadr. Malam Lailatul Qadr merupakan malam yang lebih baik daripada malam-malam lain. This night, we as a muslim are advised to wake up in very early morning and do ibadah such as zikir, solat sunat, read Al-Quran and others ibadah which we can do it during that night. Kalau tak buat pun tak pe tapi rugila sebab malam Lailatur Qadr lah malam penuh keberkatan dan kemuliaan daripada malam-malam lain.

“Sesungguhnya Kami telah menurunkannya (al-Quran) pada Lailatul-Qadr.  Tahukah kamu apakah Lailatul Qadr?  Lailatul-Qadr lebih baik dari seribu bulan.”  (Surah al-Qadr: 1-3)

I download this picture in my friend's facebook (facebook boleh juga dijadikan laman dakwah) and it's already stated the activities during Ramadhan, so I think I wanna try this such activities. InsyaAllah.

Ya Allah, please help me in a way to gain your blessing for upcoming Ramadhan. Amin!!! 

 Sources : Facebook

05 July 2012

Novels which ultimately changed my thought

Assalammulaikum again!!

I hope today will make our moment full with cheerful and happiness. InsyaAllah.  We must set our mind that Allah is always our side whatever happened because He is a Greatest and Wisdom.

Ok za! please, just straight forward

Semua orang baca novel kan?. Tapi kebanyakannya para remaja yang baca novel because they want to figure out one thing which is love, maybe. That is my perception and I'm sorry if someone disagree with this statement. But this is what I feel when I'm being a teenager. 

Ya!, I started to read novel when I'm a teenager. Tapi yang mula dulu adalah abang aku. He is the one who influenced me. Novel apa yang dia baca, aku akan baca. Ada perumpamaan Melayu, "Bapak borek, anak rintik". But, in my situation, I wanna changed a little which is, " Abang borek, adik rintik". Hahahahaha. It's true right?. Because of my brother, aku berjinak-jinak baca novel cintan-cintun orang dewasa. Lama-kelamaan, aku mula rasa bosan dengan jalan cerita novel-novel yang aku baca. Its' story are merely same. Percintaan antara hero and heroin, how they are meet?, bla bla bla. 

Akhirnya, I stopped reading novel and me automatically set my mind that novels nowadays dah boring and jalan cerita pun......entahlah, it's totally hard to describe. I think when I had finished my SPM, I started unread novels. I guess lah. Or when I'm registering up for first semester into UiTM. Ahhhh, entahlah, aku tak ingat plak. Aduh!. What I remembered, in the middle age of 17 to 18, I stopped bought or read novels.

Jeng Jeng Jeng!!

2012 is the year that my age turn to 21 (belum lagi, this upcoming Nov, baru umur aku 21 tahun). At age 21 ni lah, I'm read novels back. You wanna know what kind of novels that making and influencing me back to read novels yang dah lama aku tinggalkan?. Here they are:

Source : Ofcourse lah dari Google

These two novels which turn me back as a hantu novels (tak lah hantu sangat, tapi macam nak jadi je, huhu). The storyboard from these novels are extremely ultimately difference. Unlike others novels. Seriously, I told you. These novels are more to teenager's life. Ia menceritakan how teenages in these novels can turn their life 360 degrees. These novels also reciting the love story provided that Islam is given. Novel ini menceritakan cerita cinta mengikut syariat Islam. That is make me totally in love with these novels. And also they automatically changed my thought. And And they even do realized me that dunia ini is just temporary. It's just like one sound scream to me "Change your life za!". That time, I'm just woke up and pasang niat, " I want to be better person, InsyaAllah". Nak berubah slow slow pun tak apa, macam aku tapi kenalah istiqamah (continously). Allah tetap tengok apa yang kita buat.

Nak tahu lebih lanjut tentang novel-novel di atas tu, beli lah. I guarantee it would not let you down.

Till then

P/S : Hlovate is the writer of these two novels. Penulisan dia amat teramat bagus. I don't know whether this person is a men or women because Hlovate is hidden even in its blog does no tell who is Hlovate?