19 July 2012

Ramadhan is just around the corner


Syabaan is nearly come to the ends and Ramadhan will come over next. I'm very excited expecting the attendance of Ramadhan. Why?

Because this is my oppurtunity to give my maximum limit of effort in order to earn pahala during Ramadan lagi mulia ini. I wish so as I intends to vanish all my sins from my previous life, InsyaAllah and I want to increase up my 'amalan' and 'pahala' to the level which I can reached. Amin!.

And I hope that the good deed that I do for upcoming Ramadhan will be continuos untuk bulan-bulan Islam yang lain. InsyaAllah. Tidak semestinya, bila datang bulan Ramadhan, we're get ready to do ibadah, bulan-bulan Islam lain pun boleh buat. Kebanyakkan orang Islam kat Malaysia ni buat macam tu. It's not necessary when Ramadhan coming, you 're technically intends to give sedekah for the less-fortunate person, starts doing solat sunat and others ibadah. But otherwise, it's still good unless you want to do a practice and intends doing that such of ibadah for bulan-bulan Islam lain.

And also I'm determined to wake up for special night which known as Lailatul Qadr. Malam Lailatul Qadr merupakan malam yang lebih baik daripada malam-malam lain. This night, we as a muslim are advised to wake up in very early morning and do ibadah such as zikir, solat sunat, read Al-Quran and others ibadah which we can do it during that night. Kalau tak buat pun tak pe tapi rugila sebab malam Lailatur Qadr lah malam penuh keberkatan dan kemuliaan daripada malam-malam lain.

“Sesungguhnya Kami telah menurunkannya (al-Quran) pada Lailatul-Qadr.  Tahukah kamu apakah Lailatul Qadr?  Lailatul-Qadr lebih baik dari seribu bulan.”  (Surah al-Qadr: 1-3)

I download this picture in my friend's facebook (facebook boleh juga dijadikan laman dakwah) and it's already stated the activities during Ramadhan, so I think I wanna try this such activities. InsyaAllah.

Ya Allah, please help me in a way to gain your blessing for upcoming Ramadhan. Amin!!! 

 Sources : Facebook

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