20 September 2012

While others trying to hunt job experience, me, trying to.....

Assalammulaikum dear readers!!

After everyone read the title above, I bet you all will be said "Of course everybody wants to find job experience as it will be easy to you find the job in the future. Today, many company hired job-seekers who have experiences about 1 year or more or less" 

Ya ya ya, I know it's super true. But everyone has their own decision for life. A lot of my friends had been planned to work during long semester break after diploma, but not for me. Perhaps there has many reasons why they want to work such as bantu keluarga, cari pengalaman kerja dan nak cari duit sendiri. Like what I said, decision of life is determined by ourselves. Am I right?

Why I choose don't want to work during the period of semester break?. Because...... I guess it will better be a secret. Just me, oneself know that secret.

Source : Mr Google again

Till then

p/s : achieve your dream with full courage. Gambateh!!!. One thing you must remember in achieving your dream, always pray to Allah

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