23 January 2013

Alhamdulillah, finally it's over


Yipppe!!, I'm very happy as the barriers I had to face for 6 months was over. Thanks to Allah. But the scary moment is yet to be happened which is the result. Waaaaaa. That is the crucial part.

Being a degree student is extremely difficult. I have mentioned from my previous that " degree is far hard rather than diploma". It is super true when I put myself into real situation. The most
thing I had never forget was I failed for my test. OMG. Aku ni jarang fail test. I really disappointed to myself. At first, aku rasa aku tak dapat terima tapi I stand to my word, " Allah's plan is better rather than human plan". Means we must put 100% faith on him. Lama2 I can accept it.

Right now, I'm very scared about my result. I hope semua paper lulus and get dean list. Ameen!!!!!

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