26 January 2013

Transformation - Part 1

Assalammualaikum and greeting peeps!!!

Oh my Allah, It has been a week after my semester break began last week. I'm so boring indeed. So, I kinda plan something in order to make my day fulfill with excitements.

Here it is, my greatest plan during semester break :

1) Read a lots either books or articles in website    or blogs

Actually, banyak giler buku tak habis baca lagi. I'm not a worm book actually but I tried to be so as I believe the men who read alots means he/ she is knowledgeable.

2) tidy up my room.

Seriously, my room very selepah. A lots of things that I need to put them in appropriate place. Serious wei !!!!!..

3) Always read Al-Quran.

This is most vital for Muslim. Oh, I need study the whole contents in Al- Quran. So, I need to find tafsir.

4) SHOPPING for myself

Kesian diriku ni yang ketinggalan zaman especially cara pemakaian. He he he. :)

That's all. Fuh! penat pikir pasal plan ni. Haha

OK I hope I certainly can follow the plan. InsyaAllah!

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